Capacity Builders

Doing The Work For Real Change

Capacity Builders was created in 2020 after Robin Benton realized that as a Community Organizer engaging many organizations, Building Capacity was integral to Organizational Transformation. Conducting a power analysis of many organizations reveals weaknesses. Capacity Builders was conceived to build capacity with support services to transform organizations.

Sheri has been working in the nonprofit space for over 15 years and was mentored by Lilia Cabill and trained by the Peoples Institute. Sheri spent many years helping run and manage a local farmers market to bring fresh, organic food to neighborhoods that did not have access. Sheri later went on to become a web designer and social media manager. Sheri realized that many of the orginizations she worked with in the past had ALLOT of passion but were missing the branding and structure needed to grow. Sheri joined Capacity Builders because she saw a great need to support local orginizations like those with branding, marketing, and tech support.

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Of Anti-Racist Work


Expert Team Members

We are passionate and serious about providing the best service at reasonable prices.

Sheri Munsell

Web Designer

Robin Benton

Community Organizer

Robin is a passionate advocate for human rights. In his time on the board for Neighbors of Belknap Lookout, he taught us critical concepts like the Localized Power Analysis and Sociocracy (Circle Forward). His vision of equal outcomes calls for using data to know where we are. Thanks to Robin’s introduction, we know the racial disparities in homeownership among our neighbors, and we are ready to work for change.

Elianna Bootzin
Executive Director Neighbors of Belknap Lookout

This seasoned community organizer is able to interface with any systems to center the community’s voice.  He bring the neighborhood into the conversation as a mechanism of accountability for well intended programs that rarely use success measurements defined by the community most impacted.  Robin brings it all together.

Sandy Bernabei
A Founding member of the Antiracist Alliance

Robin brings a big picture understanding of structural racism to street-level realities impacting the daily lives of Black people.

Rev. David Billings
Author of Deep Denial: The Persistence of White Supremacy In United States History and Life