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Why Capacity Builders LLC?

At Capacity Builders LLC. We don’t just understand the work that you do but we have lived and breath the work for over 30 years combined. 

Using technology to move the anti racist message forward is not just important to us but is in all aspects of our life. We are here to support and collaborate bringing tech to the forefront and  utilize it to make real change. Both Robin and Sheri have create communities with over 200,000+ members and 1 Million reach and bring this expertise to helping with anti-racist community building. 

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Our Awesome Services


Want to build and grow your community? We offer solutions to build and monetize your community.


People having trouble finding you or distinctly knowing who you are? We will help you get branded.


Do you have products you need to sell? We create your online store.


Missing a web presence, website outdated or running slow. We will create your website or improve one you already have


Are you struggling with creating standout design? We will help create flyers, social media posts, banners, billboards etc.


Not reaching the audience you want to reach? We have solutions for increasing followers and reach.


Robin is a passionate advocate for human rights. In his time on the board for Neighbors of Belknap Lookout, he taught us critical concepts like the Localized Power Analysis and Sociocracy (Circle Forward). His vision of equal outcomes calls for using data to know where we are. Thanks to Robin’s introduction, we know the racial disparities in homeownership among our neighbors, and we are ready to work for change.

Elianna Bootzin
Executive Director Neighbors of Belknap Lookout

This seasoned community organizer is able to interface with any systems to center the community’s voice.  He bring the neighborhood into the conversation as a mechanism of accountability for well intended programs that rarely use success measurements defined by the community most impacted.  Robin brings it all together.

Sandy Bernabei
A Founding member of the Antiracist Alliance

Robin brings a big picture understanding of structural racism to street-level realities impacting the daily lives of Black people.

Rev. David Billings
Author of Deep Denial: The Persistence of White Supremacy In United States History and Life

Pricing Plans

Website Package

$1500One Time
  • WordPress Build
  • Website Update and Maintenancefor 1 year
  • SEO and Keyword Planning
  • Professional Design

Content creation Package

  • 8 Social Media or Blog Post
  • All Platforms covered
  • Content Specific to Your Org

Tech Support Package

  • Website Build
  • Social Media Creation and Management
  • For Nonprofits Google Ad Grants Application $10,000/ Month in free advertising from Google and maintenance
  • On Call for Tech Related Question

grant writing and research

  • Research and Source Grants
  • Grant Consultions
  • For Nonprofits Google Ad Grants Application $10,000/ Month in free advertising from Google and maintenance
  • Grant Writing

Community Building Package

  • Your Own Social Media Platform Creation where you can charge monthly
  • Content Creation for your community
  • Promotion of your community
  • Professional Design
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Your digital marketing budget should be based on your needs. We keep our prices below industry standard and are willing to negotiate. 

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We respond to emails within 1 business day and are open from 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday

We meet with you to consult and understand your needs. During your consultation, we will ask you questions on our web design checklist.

You pay a nonrefundable 15% upfront fee. The rest is paid once your website is complete.

We consult with you to understand your needs. We look at your company and your desires and create a unique color and design for you. We work to ensure your website, social media. Newsletter and marketing materials are fully branded.